Brush Cutter
Brush Cutters are powerful garden or agricultural toolswidely used for trimming weeds, trees, and other foliage. They are available with sharp and durable blades or trimmer heads that can be easily attached for meeting the needs of specific applications.
Agricultural Equipment
Powerful and durable Agricultural Equipments are available for making the different processes such as tilling, drilling, cutting, weeding, ploughing, etc. easy as well as swift. They are available in different models and specifications for offering the best results.
Seed Dibbler And Transplanter Device
Seed Dibblers And Transplanter Devices are widely used for efficient as well as swift dibbling or transplantation of the seeds with utmost efficacy. They are powerful and durable devices available in varied specifications as per the demands of the clients.
Chaff Cutter Machine
High-tech and durable Chaff Cutter Machines are provided for cutting the chaff easily without putting much efforts and money. They are available in hard-wearing designs with anti-abrasive coating to resist the effects of adverse weather conditions.
Agriculture Sprayer
These hard-wearing and maintenance-free Agriculture Sprayers are ideal for spraying pesticides, fertilizers and manures efficiently in the fields. They are designed ergonomically to provide the best spraying up to large distances.
Earth Auger
Earth Augers are widely used for digging holes efficiently in the soilfor plantation purposes or erecting poles. They are available in durable designs with unmatched coating and powerful motor to ensure easy set-up.
Water Pump
Powerful and energy-efficient Water Pumps are available in durable designs for ensuring to provide the best performance. They are available in durable casing to ensure maximum efficacy.
Chain Saw Machine
These high-tech and affordable Chain Saw Machines are designed for efficient cutting of the trees. They are available in sturdy designs with anti-corrosive coating to provide the best results for years to come.
Sugarcane Bud Chipper And Cutter
Energy-efficient, durable and reasonably-priced Sugarcane Bud Chippers And Cutters are available for swift as well as safe chipping and cutting of the sugarcanes.
Fruit Plucker
High-grade Fruit Pluckers are available in durable stainless steel material with handle to cut, pluck as well as lock the fruits and vegetables.
Electric Chainsaw
Powerful motor of these Electric Chainsaws ensures swift and efficient cutting in agro, construction and other sectors. They are available with ergonomic handles as well as sharp blades for ensuring to provide the best performance.
Car Wash Kit
We provide high-end and durable Car Wash Kits for ensuring instant as well as efficient washing of the cars. They are designed with powerful and high-utility tools to ensure the washing of the cars efficiently.
Mini Rice Mill Machine
Mini Rice Mill Machines are provided in precisely designed structure with perfect finishing andnon-corrosive designs. They are easy and swift to install machines designed to process up to 250 kg rice easily.
Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser
Automatic Sanitizer Dispensers are available for quick and efficient dispensing of sanitizers to keep the hands clean. They are available in robust designs with high-end sensors to ensure swift dispensing of the sanitizers.

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