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Agricultural Weeder
Powerful Agricultural Weeders are provided for controlling the weed in fields. They are designed using square-section rod for revolving a few inches below the soil surface.
Brush Cutter
Tackle overgrown vegetation effortlessly with our powerful Brush Cutters. Built for durability and performance, these tools deliver precise cutting action, making them ideal for clearing weeds, bushes, and grass in agricultural and landscaping applications.
Chain Saw
Dominate woodcutting tasks with our high-performance Chain Saws, engineered for precision and reliability. Whether for forestry, landscaping, or DIY projects, our saws deliver unmatched cutting power and efficiency to handle various wood types with ease.
Fogging Machine
Combat pests and diseases effectively with our cutting-edge Fogging Machines. Delivering fine mist dispersion, our machines cover large areas quickly, providing thorough disinfection and pest control in agricultural, industrial, and public health settings.
Garden Tools
Cultivate thriving gardens with our premium selection of Garden Tools, crafted for durability and performance. From trowels to pruners, our tools offer precision and comfort, enabling enthusiasts and professionals alike to achieve beautiful and bountiful landscapes.
High Pressure Washer
Power through tough cleaning tasks with our High Pressure Washers, designed for superior performance and versatility. Whether for agricultural equipment, vehicles, or outdoor surfaces, our washers deliver maximum cleaning power to tackle dirt, grime, and stubborn stains effectively.
Hose Pipe
Ensure efficient water management with our durable and flexible Hose Pipes. Designed for irrigation, watering, and fluid transfer applications, our pipes offer reliability and convenience, meeting the diverse needs of agriculture, landscaping, and construction projects.
HTP Pump
Optimize water supply systems with our high-pressure transfer HTP Pumps, engineered for efficiency and durability. From irrigation to firefighting, our pumps deliver reliable performance, ensuring consistent water flow and pressure for various agricultural and industrial applications.
Milking Machine
Streamline dairy operations with our advanced Milking Machines, designed for efficiency and animal welfare. With gentle yet effective milking action, our machines ensure hygienic and stress-free milking processes, maximizing productivity and milk quality for dairy farmers.

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